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Hello; We are the Taylors and we specialize in helping you declutter your home, garage, office, kitchens, closets and much more.

 If you are downsizing from a large home to an apartment or a senior living community, we are able to help you with packing/unpacking, and making the end result clean, uncluttered and beautiful.

We turn chaos into calm, cramped and cluttered to clean and organized.

Perhaps you just need a little facelift for closets, bathrooms, kitchen, or a children's play area...we will create an environment in your space that will bring peace of mind and ease to life. 

Let us tailor your space to suit your needs !

About Us

      For the past 5 decades, Bob and I have had several careers. 

Bob comes from an insurance and financial background. He and his wife had a successful floral business for several years but most recently Bob worked for several courier companies which took him from Tucson to Flagstaff and everywhere in between.  So, he knows "The Valley of the Sun" very well. 


      While married to my husband, we always lived in apartments in the Los Angeles area.  For one reason or another, we would move fact 16 times at last count during our 33 years of marriage. I became quite adept at packing and unpacking and found it a delightful challenge to create space for our possessions.  I had always loved organizing and decluttering. When making my annual journey to Oregon to visit my parents, inevitably, I would clean out and rearrange my mother's kitchen and pantry which she loved. I would find expired spices from the 50's and items in her pantry which were unrecognizable, and I soon learned the value of purging. 

     Bob and I both lost our spouses recently and surely never thought we would ever marry again.  

We soon discovered that we both had a passion for organizing, building out garages, decluttering and creating our own cozy, easy to care for space in our apartment. It seems apartments are a specialty, although I have worked in many large homes and find it equally challenging to coach homeowners the benefit of "letting go" of things that they haven't used or worn for months or years. 

      Because we have both moved frequently in our lives, we offer packing and unpacking as well as the other services previously mentioned. 

     We are members of NAPO National and NAPO AZ (National Association of Productive Organizers). We are licensed and have had the honor of working with and for some of the best organizers in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.  

     We love being of service to all ages and especially seniors who are making transitions from large homes to a smaller living environment. 

     We look forward to helping with your decluttering, organizing, minimizing, needs. 

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Our Services


Home Organizing

Designate  specific locations  for household items; ie shoes, jackets, school back packs and hold everyone   accountable. 

Each evening do 10 minutes of "clean up" before bedtime.

Closet Organizing

The Container Store carries felt covered hangers with twisty hooks.. Purchase matching hangers and instantly see how much better your closet will look. 

Start purging clothes and shoes that no longer fit or you haven't worn in 6 - 12 months. 

Kitchen Organizing

Remove all kitchen gadgets and place them on the counter. Now, select just the ones you use all the time. Donate the ones you don't use and instantly you have created more space. 

Declutter your countertops for a clean appearance.

Packing/ Unpacking &Staging

Packing and unpacking can be stressful. When making a move; try to eliminate items that you no longer use or have no purpose. This could include old books, records, paperwork and clothing. 

Then hire professional packers to help you with the packing and unpacking.  

It's amazing how much easier your move in will be and you won't have to find space for things you really don't need or want. 

Before and After

after bathroom_edited.jpg
after pantry.jpg

After for a house

apartment pantry_edited.jpg

After for an apartment

before garage.jpg
After garage.jpg


Glendale, AZ





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